Saturday, 19 March 2011

Game to Learn: day 2

The second part of the Game to Learn Conference started today, at the University of Abertay in Dundee. There was a fantastic turn-out -- around 200 teachers attended. Today's keynote was given by Derek Robertson, of Learning & Teaching Scotland, who spoke widely about game-based learning (GBL), with particular emphasis on how it can be used for assessment.

Derek spoke about the "gamification" of learning - in other words, how education can use some of the features of computer games to improve learning, such as progress meters and rewards for reaching learning levels. He emphasised the transformative nature of game-based learning; how it enlivens learning and improves motivation in the classroom.

There are more workshops this afternoon and the conference will conclude with a final keynote about how Little Big Planet can be used in the classroom. It sounds good.

Yesterday's event focussed on the college and university sectors; today's focussed on the school sector. But both had something in common -- fantastic attendance. It's not often that I sense something fundamental is changing in education, but with game-based learning (GBL) I get that feeling.

Schools and colleges can offer qualifications in game development right now. Contact Hilary for more information.

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