Monday, 28 February 2011

Supporting centres to develop new awards

I posted recently about how colleges can develop their own qualifications. Many centres have "devolved responsibility" and can validate their own awards. Alternatively, centres can ask SQA to lead the development.

If colleges go down the latter route, SQA's Business Case Group (BCG) scrutinises their proposal and decides if the idea is viable. I attended a BCG meeting this morning because a college had proposad a new HNC qualification in my area. There was a positive outcome, which will be communicated to the centre in the near future.

The alternative route is for centres do develop a "single centre award" under their devolved responsibility powers. In this case, the centre has responsibility for developing the qualification, with advice from SQA, but they take responsibility for the development.

It's worth noting that under either scenario, the qualification, once developed and validated, is a national qualification, available to any centre. Also, under either scenario, SQA has responsibility for validating the units and would normally have representation at the validation event.

Contact Marketing for more advice about developing your own awards.

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  1. Always good to know the in's and out's of these things.