Monday, 6 December 2010

Heads of Computing event

Friday's annual Heads of Computing event went ahead as planned in spite of severe weather problems. The start was delayed by an hour to give people extra time to get to Edinburgh. But, in spite of that, only 18 people managed to make it through the snow. We had expected 57 attendees.

I started the meeting with an update of what's been happening in the sector over the last 12 months and what is likely to happen in the forthcoming year. I highlighted what's already been developed, such as the NPAs in Computer Games Development, and forthcoming developments, such as the review of Internet Safety. My full presentation is below.
The key part of the day was a discussion about the current review of HNC/D Computing and HNC/D Networking. Gerry MacKie provided an update on what he's been doing over the last few months and sought advice about how to proceed. This meeting confirmed the views expressed at an earlier consultation event. There is a clear preference for one of the options. There is more information on the HN Review blog.

There were also presentations about the Curriculum for Excellence, our links with vendors, and a new National Certificate award in Computer Games being developed by a consortium of colleges. Genny Dixon of E-Skills UK also provided an update on a range of developments taking place across the UK.

The event seemed to go well. A formal evaluation will be sent to everyone who managed to get to Edinburgh. You can download all of the presentations here.

Contact Caroline if you want to know more about the annual Heads of Computing event.


  1. As one of the ones who made it through to Edinburgh, I thought it was an excellent event. Well done to all the speakers, organisers and hardy travellers in the audience!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Ron. It did seem to go well in spite of the conditions! Don't forgot to complete the evaluation: