Friday, 12 November 2010

Sector Panel meeting

The Sector Panel for Computing & IT met today at The Park Hotel in Glasgow. Fourteen people attended.

The purpose of the Sector Panel is to provide SQA with guidance about what is happening externally and what we need to do to ensure our awards are relevant and up-to-date. Today we discussed the on-going HN review, Genny Dixon of E-Skills UK updated us on national developments, Chris Jones raised a variety of issues coming from the Scottish Computing Alliance, and we had a discussion about the Curriculum for Excellence.

The Computing Sector Panel is one of only two Sector Panels that still exists (there was a time when every subject had one) so I am pleased that we continue to work - and work effectively if today's meeting was anything to go by.

I keep the membership of all my committees under review and I usually apply the "three strikes rule" - that is, if someone misses three consecutive meetings (in the case of the Sector Panel this represents missing meetings for 18 months) I would ask them to stand down. I will be reviewing the membership of  the Sector Panel in the near future so please contact Caroline if you are interesting in joining the committee.

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  1. I really value b eing a member of the Sector Panel. Computing is very lucky compared to other subject areas.