Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Diva Update

In the background over the last 12 months we have been reviewing, renewing and expanding the Digital and ICT Vendor Alliance. This is a culmination of the review of the original project.  As a reminder DIVA originally set out to encourage
·         Liaison with global vendors giving early insight into up-and-coming developments
·         The Mapping of vendor curriculum and certifications to SQA units
·         Encourage new and innovative qualification development
·         Develop the Provision of expert training in Scotland for teachers and lecturers
·         Identifying  opportunities for Scottish staff to attend key conferences
·         Allow access to free or discounted industry curriculum materials for both learners and teaching staff
·         Provide added value support and communications about vendor activities for teaching staff
As we reviewed the programme  with Colleges  and vendors  and relevant sector skills councils we identified a range of challenges that should be taken into account in any refreshed programme.
The review exercise led to a set of 10 recommendations as follows:
1.       Re-affirm and re-invigorate the role of DIVA as a strong vehicle for delivering SQA Corporate Business Plan 2009-2012 objectives and broader policy objectives.
2.       Raise the profile of DIVA within SQA, in particular assign responsibility as an internal DIVA Champion to a senior level post within SQA with a cross-departmental remit.
3.       Create a process for regular strategic level dialogue with DIVA vendor partners.
4.       Review the Lead Centre model to encompass cross-sector and cross-regional Lead Centre Partnerships, leveraging the benefits of existing vendor/education sector relationships.
5.       Expand the range of DIVA partners but review the selection criteria for which vendor developments to engage with, placing more emphasis on mapping to key industry trends and existing/predicted demand to ensure take up by learners and relevance to employers.
6.       Focus on mapping vendor certifications to awards rather than creation of vendor specific units, but take into account good practice in relevant vendor developments when building new units.
7.       Encourage vendors to submit their courseware and certifications for SCQF credit rating.
8.       Explore how DIVA can help to deliver the objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence development work.
9.       Address the sector requirements for stronger DIVA communications, showcasing and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
10.   Use greater collaboration to achieve DIVA goals and leverage the potential benefits of DIVA.

Following the review we have spent the last six months working with Vendors to review and refresh our existing agreements. Over the next few months expect to see more announcements as programme moves forward in step with  A Digital Ambition for Scotland

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