Friday, 22 October 2010

Qualification Support team for HN awards

The Qualification Support Team (QST) for HN/PDA/SVQ awards met this morning. It meets twice per year. The QST has responsibility for ensuring that our HN/PDA/SVQ awards are properly supported by SQA.

The main part of the meeting is spent going over the various forms submitted by centres, which ask for changes or clarifications to units or assessments. If these suggestions are supported by the QST then I would normally implement them. We received eight suggestions for change today, of which the majority were accepted.

Today's agenda also included a discussion on the Curriculum for Excellence since it was felt that this will have important implications for HN programmes.

Gerry Mackie, the lead developer for the HNC/D Computing and Networking review, also gave a talk on how that development is progressing.

You can make your voice heard if you have ideas on how SQA can support the delivery of HN awards by joining the QST. Contact Caroline for more information.

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