Saturday, 18 September 2010

NPA Computer Games assessments

Hilary and me attended an assessment writing training event today, held in Glasgow. It was for the teachers who volunteered to write the assessments for the new NPAs in Computer Games Development.

I don't normally attend these meetings but we are taking a slightly unusual approach to these units. We plan to write integrated assessment support packs (ASPs) for each theme within these courses. There are three themes: (1) game design; (2) media assets; and (3) game development. Each ASP will cover one theme - which will effectively assess three unitsSo it was important to go along and discuss with the writers the unique challenges of writing integrated assessments like this. The assessments must not only integrate three units but must also be able to be used by teachers who only want to deliver a specific level (unit).

We hope to have these ASPs available before the end of the year.

Contact Hilary if you want to know more about the new NPAs in Computer Games.

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