Thursday, 12 August 2010

Team development day

Once every year, the Computing team try to take some time out to review our use of online services. We met today to discuss our use of existing tools and consider the use of new tools. This time last year, we decided to give Twitter a try, which has proven to be successful.

The first thing we discussed was SQA's new, improved website. We all agreed that it is a huge improvement over the old version of the site. The Computing pages and qualifications are much easier to find now.

We also agreed to continue to use the blog and Twitter to communicate with centres. The blog appears to have a relatively large and loyal readership, with around 1400 hits per month from around 500 unique visitors. So it's clearly serving a purpose. Our Twitter feed has 160 followers right now but we would like this number to be much higher -- more like 500, so we will aim to get as many people as possible following the team via Twitter. That will be one of our targets for the next 12 months. If you don't already follow us on Twitter, please click this link.

We gave wikis another hard look today. They seem to be ideal tools for collaborative writing (and ideally suited to much of our work such as writing units) but we were left with mixed feelings when we looked at some of the free services available. We agreed to give them a try this year but only with a small-scale project.

Caroline set up a new blog for the HN review, which has just commenced. We hope to use a wide range of Web 2.0 tools to develop the new HNC/D Computing and HNC/D Networking awards.


  1. Ted Hastings13/8/10 10:21 am

    Have you looked at MediaWiki? It's relatively easy to set up as a hosted service and gives all the same functionality and the familiar user interface of Wikipedia.

    I'd be happy to set it up if you like.

  2. Thanks for the offer, Ted. I like MediaWiki so we might take you up on this. But wikis seem to be a solution looking for a problem.