Monday, 12 July 2010

Developing your own HN awards

I met with David McDade, of Stow College, this afternoon to discuss a proposal for a new HN award.  SQA's procedures permit centres to come forward with ideas for new awards - and I thought Stow's idea was a good one.

The process is very simple. Basically, the centre notifies SQA about the idea, fills in a form, and then gets on with developing the award. Most centres have devolved responsibility for validating SQA awards, although SQA has to validate the units.

There is an HN Toolkit that centres can use to guide them through the process, and it also helps them devise new qualifications. And, of course, me and my team are happy to help in whatever way we can, which might include advice about qualification design or unit writing training.

David is hoping that his new award is available from August 2011.

Contact the QPM team for more information about how to develop your own HN awards.

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