Wednesday, 21 July 2010

CAA Conference

I attended the International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference today, in Southampton, where I presented a paper on the assessment of online writing. It was a good event with interesting keynote talks and presentations on a variety of topics such as the potential for wikis to assess collaborative writing, the barriers to the uptake of e-assessment, and selecting questions from an item bank.

My own presentation was based on a recent paper I wrote about the challenges in assessing online writing such as discussion forums and blogs. Some recent research I carried out indicated that current practice was not good. The talk seemed to be well received.
It was announced at the conference that a new International Journal of E-Assessment would be launched in the next few months, which would seek to share good practice in the design and implementation of online assessments. It sounds like an excellent initiative. The first edition of the journal will publish all of the papers presented at this conference.

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