Tuesday, 1 June 2010

PC Passport update

I received an enquiry this morning about the timescales for the updated PC Passport units and materials.

My update letter of September 2009 stated that the revised units would be ready for January. Although the updated units were indeed complete by that time, we weren't able to publish the new units because we also needed to update the associated support materials to avoid confusion in centres (i.e. new units and old materials). In fact, we realised that we had to update lots of things -- including ASPs, online assessments, even the associated text books.

We're just about there now. The revised units will published in July, along with all of the associated support materials. The revised ASPs are not separated into "college" and "school" versions -- centres can use any version that they like.

Don't be alarmed by this. The "new" units are not new at all. In fact, we will not even renumber the units since they are essentially the same units with minor corrections and clarifications. This is not PC Passport version 3.0. It's PC Passport version 2.1.

If you are delivering the original (version 1) PC Passport units, these will not change (they have different numbers). But the "refreshed" (version 2) units will be replaced by these improved units. I will write to centres in the near future to fully explain the changes.

Contact Hilary for information about PC Passport.

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