Wednesday, 9 June 2010

National Certificate in Computer Games

I attended the first meeting of the Qualification Development Team (QDT) for the proposed NC in Computer Games this morning.

This is a centre-led development. The idea came from Forth Valley College and the development is being led by Fiona Jackson of the college. SQA takes a back-seat in this sort of development but provides funding and support when needed.

Both Hilary and me attended this morning's meeting to offer whatever help we could. The meeting went well and the QDT is planning to create a fairly generic award with lots of options to permit students to begin specialisation in one of a number of areas (such as programming or creative arts or animation).

The aim is to create a Level 5 award that would permit students to progress to one of a number of HN awards. The team hope to have the new award available by July 2011. The award would include the new NPAs in Computer Games Development and articulate with the new HNC/D Computer Games Development, among other potential progression paths.

Contact Fiona for more information about this development. Contact Hilary about the new NPAs and contact Caroline about the new HN awards.

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