Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Review of HNC/D Computing and Networking

We had an initial meeting this afternoon about the proposed review of HNC/D Computing and HNC/D Networking. These awards are scheduled to be reviewed this year and it has been suggested that they should be reviewed as a single package rather than separately.

Representatives of four centres attended the meeting to discuss the options for change that we will present to a public meeting early next month. We considered various options such as:
  • the status quo: continuing with the current separate HNC/D awards
  • three separate streams: separate HNC/D awards in Software Development, Technical Support, and Networking
  • single award: creating a single HNC/D award that covers all of the knowledge and skills
  • common HNC: a common HNC award leading to separate HND awards.
The importance of links with vendor awards was emphasised. So was the level of difficulty of the current awards, the assessment demands, and the role of core skills.

These issues, and others, will be discussed at the open meeting on 4 June. The intention is to arrive at a consensus on the way forward so that we can get down to developing the new award(s). Don't forget to come along if you want to participate.


  1. Hi Bobby,
    I will be coming along on the
    4th with some colleagues from our college. I just have a couple of quick questions about the initial meeting you had today. Could you let us know who were the four centres involved and whether the options proposed are the the only ones to be discussed at the open meeting. As one of the colleges who currently run HNDs in SD/TS and Networking as well as Interactive Media we are extremely eager to have some input into the review.
    Frank Duffy
    Motherwell College

  2. Frank, the centres were: Anniesland, Cumbernauld, Dundee and Millenium City Academy, all of which present candidates for this award.

    We will consider every option on the day, Frank, and the ones in my post were only examples. It would be interesting to read other options if you could post them on this blog.

  3. Hi there,

    Stow College is also involved in delivering Technical Support, Software Development and Networking. Most of the options that have put to the table we seem to have explored already.

    We have been delivering the Networking course for the past 5/6 years with great success, (although admittedly there is now a problem with the newer Cisco curriculum). We run separate streams of TS and SD, we find this works well because learners interested in SD find networking and support boring, however TS is a good option for those that enjoy support and networking, but do not want to go down the 'heavy' vendor road offered by the Networking course.

    We really would like things to stay this way, it works for us.


    David McDade

  4. Thanks for the feedback, David. You make a good case for the status quo. We will explore all of the options on Friday. See you then.