Monday, 31 May 2010

Moving from Yahoo to Twitter

Many of you subscribe to an online mailing list called "sqacomputing", which is hosted by Yahoo. In its heyday it had over 600 members but the membership has been in steady decline. It's an announcement-only group (you can't reply) and it's the only Yahoogroup that we still use.

A few months ago the SQA team started to experiment with Twitter, and this has quickly gained a large following, with 110 "followers". Twitter provides a similar service to Yahoogroups but is more up-to-date and more flexible (there are Twitter clients for PCs, tablets, and mobile phones).

It seems sensible to merge these services so I propose to end the Yahoogroup and encourage subscribers to migrate to Twitter. Our Twitter page is:

I'll unsubscribe members of the Yahoo group in a few weeks, once everyone has had time to move over to Twitter. If you chose to follow us on Twitter, we promise not to drown you in updates. You can see the sort of thing we publish on the box on the right.

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