Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Links with Cisco

Caroline and me visited Central College this morning to meet with Chris Deegan and Ian Lennie to discuss the links between the HNC/D Networking awards and the Cisco curriculum. Cisco's CCNA programme changed some time ago, breaking the mapping between that and our HNC/D Networking qualifications.

Our interim advice was for centres to create their own credit transfer arrangements until we had a chance to review the Networking awards, which was scheduled for 2010. But that review is now entwined with the HNC/D Computing review so it might take longer than planned.

I agreed to take forward the Cisco mapping separately from the HN review. Although this would involve changing units before the review is underway, we felt it was certain that the review would want to continue with the strong links with vendors. So I plan to convene a small review team to look at the HN units that link with CCNA. These units (four at present) will be updated to reflect the latest vendor curriculums.

We haven't agreed a date for this initial meeting but please contact Caroline if you want to be involved.

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