Friday, 28 May 2010

E-learning materials

I got an enquiry this morning about the location of the e-learning materials that can be used to support various IT-related HN units. Previously this had been hosted on a private website but this has been brought in-house and is now hosted on the SQA website.

It's a fantastic resource. All of the HNCs in my portfolio (such as HNC Computing and HNC IT) are covered by this material, and some HNDs (such as HND Computing) have the majority of their units covered. Centres use this material in lots of ways. The most common is to provide additional support to learners who, perhaps, need a little extra help. We're contantly adding to this resource so let us know if there are particular units that you would like to include.

Although most of the e-learning materials relate to HN (thanks to EU funding), we also have some online learning material for non-advanced awards. For example, our Internet Safety unit can be done on the telephone.

Contact Caroline for more information about HN support materials and contact Hilary for NC support materials.

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