Monday, 15 March 2010

HNC/D Computer Games validation event

The validation event for the new HNC/D Computer Games Development was held on Friday.

The purpose of a validation event is for a group of peers, who have not been involved in the development of the qualification, to comment on the proposed award. So it's a nerve-racking day for the development team since the panel can ask for major changes if it doesn't like what is being proposed.

Nigel Kennington, of Edinburgh Telford College, led the development team and Ron Dillon, of Stow College, led the validation panel. Ron is hugely experienced and scrupulously impartial. Stow College developed the original HNC Computer Games Development (in 2006?), which was the basis of this development, so it seemed right to ask Ron to evaluate this proposal.

The outcome was good. The awards (the HNC and the HND) were validated subject to three conditions. The main condition was that the development team should include a maths unit in the mandatory section of the HNC. Nigel was proposing that only the HND had maths as a compulsory unit. We had debated this issue many times during the development of the awards so we recognised the arguments for including maths in both awards but decided that, for some students, it would be a barrier to achievement and that worthwhile skills, at HNC level, could be gained without it.

We think that we can address the conditions very quickly and I hope to have the conditions lifted by the end of this month (March) and the award available to centres from May. Scotland has a uniquely collaborative way of developing national qualifications, one that involves ordinary teachers in the development and evaluation of qualifications. I think it's a system that we can be proud of.

Contact Caroline if you want more information about these qualifications.

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  1. It was a really good event. Nigel and his team had created a really good validation proposal document, which helped the event go very smoothly. Congratulations to the team and many thanks to the panel members for their input. Scotland is, indeed, leading the field in having HN qualifications in Computer Games Development.