Monday, 25 January 2010

PC Passport -- versions!

I received a call from a teacher on Friday about the various versions of PC Passport in existence. He wasn't sure which support materials to use.

PC Passport was originally introduced in 2003. It underwent a refresh in 2007 and this is the current version. So, the current awards are:
  • G8H7 44 PC Passport (SCQF 4)
  • G8H9 45 PC Passport (SCQF 5)
  • G8HA 46 PC Passport (SCQF 6)
Although the original group awards were withdrawn, the original units were retained since a lot of centres wanted to continue to offer these units.

As a result of feedback from centres, which were using the refreshed awards, we commenced a minor revision of units and assessments in 2009. These are no more than tweaks to correct a number of ambiguities or small errors. However, it will mean that tweaked units and assessments will be published later this year (before summer).

Both the old and the new units have existing assessments, which are available via SQA Secure (contact your SQA Co-ordinator).

You can find out more about PC Passport here. Or call Hilary (0845-213-5130) if you want to talk to someone.

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