Monday, 2 November 2009

OfQual audit of Internet Safety

Auditors from OfQual visit SQA today to look at the awards we offer in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. One of these is Internet Safety. As part of my preparations for this audit, I have been revisiting the contents of the qualification and the support materials available to centres.

Internet Safety was SQA's first "e-qualification" and, as such, is very well supported with digital teaching, learning and assessment materials. The entire course can be delivered online but I had forgotten that we also developed teaching and learning materials for delivery on a mobile phone. At the time when we created a mobile version (around two years ago), the available technology was pretty poor but I recently checked the mobile version on my Google Android phone and it looks great on modern smartphones. The high quality screens and better HTML rendering makes these sorts of devices really viable e-learning platforms. There is also a comprehensive bank of online questions that can be used to assess this unit - so the whole thing can be offered to pupils and students very painlessly.

Although the uptake of Internet Safety is good, there is room for growth. Some Scottish schools offer it to entire years groups (for example, Airdrie Academy and The High School of Glasgow offer it to every pupil in S2) and I have wondered why this is not standard across all schools given the importance of online child protection.

Contact Caroline if you want to know more about Internet Safety.


  1. It is great to have so many online materials for this unit. When will the updated materials be available and how will we be notified when they are ready?

  2. Err... what updated materials, Ron? We don't have any plans to change this unit nor change the support materials.