Thursday, 26 November 2009

New teachers' group

I attended a meeting this morning at the Marriot Hotel in Glasgow to meet with David Coull, of Mintlaw Academy, who is trying to get a new association off the ground.

David has recently formed the Scottish Institute of Computing Educationalists (SIOCE) with the aim of supporting the teaching of computing across all educational sectors - school, college and university. Although it only started in May, it already has over 200 members and several universities have promised to support it. David is planning an FE recruitment drive in January so look out for more information around that time. At present, there is no membership fee.

I can see a role for SIOCE on Sector Panels and Qualification Support Teams, and, of course, it would be an important organisation to consult with when we develop new awards.

You can find out more about SIOCE here or contact David directly.

And speaking of support for Computing teachers, Heriot-Watt University is hosting an event next June entitled Look to the Future, which is intended for Scottish computing educators. The event is part-supported by Google. More here.

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