Friday, 9 October 2009

Unit writing training

We held our first unit writers' training event yesterday afternoon in The Marriott Hotel in Glasgow. It went well. Twelve people attended.

The idea is that instead of training writers whenever a new development begins, we will run these training events two or three times per year and people will come along to one of these events when they need to.

There are several advantages. Firstly it's much more time efficient for the team -- instead of training two or three writers at a time we can train up to 20 people. Secondly, it permits people to attend training who are not actually writing units for SQA but want to update their skills in case they ever do get involved in unit writing. Around half of the people who attended yesterday's event are not currently writing units but wanted to attend the training anyway. The end result is that we should have a pool of people who have been recently trained in writing SQA units.

We will endorse everyone who attends this training on the SQA Groupsite, so that we know who has been trained. In time, we can require everyone who writes units for us to attend one of these events.

The next event is not yet scheduled but will take place sometime in early 2010. Please join the Groupsite if you want to keep up date with developments or contact Caroline if you wish to discuss unit writing training.

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