Thursday, 15 October 2009

Online groups to support teachers

We've been using online groups for several years to support centres that deliver vocational Computing awards, using a range of (free) online services such as "E-Groups", "Yahoogroups" and "Smartgroups". As you probably know, we currently use Jiglu for most online groups.

The use of these groups has declined over the last few years. They were once vibrant, with hundreds of members and thousands of posts, but are much less active now.

As a result, we have cut back on the number of online groups that we support. The main public one are:

1. SQAComputing group on Yahoo (an announcement-only group)
2. Computing group on Jiglu (to support HNC/D Computing)
3. NCDMC group on Jiglu (to support NC Digital Media Computing)
4. PCPassort group on Jiglu (to support PC Passport).

Although their use has declined, these groups have tremendous potential to assist you if you teach one of the supported qualifications. They are a tremendous source of peer support (for example, asking for teaching materials) and SQA staff are members and can help too. It would be good if they were better used, so I hope that you join any appropriate group(s).

Now and again, I get an angry e-mail about the "poor support that SQA provides to these groups" when, for example, people want to leave them. These groups are not SQA groups. We do not host them and do not manage membership. It is up to each person to subscribe and unsubscribe as appropriate. Support should be sought from the service provider (such as Jiglu).

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  1. The computing group appears to be offline. Will this return?