Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Training for unit writers

Until recently, there was a dedicated team in SQA with responsibility to train peolpe to write units. But this responsibility has now been delegated to individual qualification teams so it is now my responsibility to ensure that the people who write Computing units know what they're doing.

There are so many concurrent projects in my area that I don't intend to train-on-demand i.e. arrange specific training events each time I begin a new development. My intention is to arrange two or three training events each year and people simply go along to one when it suits them. They might attend because they are currently involved in a writing project or they may attend because they want to learn more about unit writing for future work. It would be my intention to ensure that everyone (who wants to write units) keep their skills up-to-date by attending at least one of these training events every two or three years.

I previously mentioned a dedicated online group for people who want to work with SQA and I'd appreciate if you would subscribe to this group if you want to know more about unit writing.

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