Friday, 7 August 2009

PC Passport review

I previously mentioned that we were about to make changes to the PC Passport units and assessments in the light of feedback received from centres that had delivered the revised awards.

Elaine Cunnignhame is leading this project and we had a meeting this morning to double-check the proposed changes to ensure that they made sense and would not present problems to centres. It was a good meeting and we made final decisions about what changes to make.

This review is a minor review - a point change - so it's PC Passport version 2.1 not version 3.0. Although we intend to make several changes to each of the units, these changes are minor clarifications or improvements or reductions in assessment. The awards will not change (in terms of their structure) nor will the outcomes or assessments (in any fundamental way).

But it does mean that, in time, we will replace all of the units, in each of the PC Passport awards, with these new improved versions. We will also commission some new NABs to match some of the new units (where the new units require new NABs). I hope to have the new units available to centres from January 2010 (but the old units will continue to be valid until you are notified otherwise). The revised NABs will begin to appear from early 2010.

Please contact Hilary if you want to know more about this project or any other aspect of PC Passport. Don't forget the PC Passport page on the SQA website.

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