Friday, 31 July 2009

HND Graded Units - Update

We are in the process of updating the following HND Graded Unit Specifications:

F0NA 35 Information Technology - Graded Unit 2
DN4N 35 Computing: Software Development - Graded Unit 2
DN4P 35 Computing: Technical Support - Graded Unit 2

Changes to these specifications include amendments to -

1. Conditions of Assessment including minimum marks per stage
2. Minimum Evidence Requirements item detail and marks allocation
3. Conditions of assessment to include marking in stages
4. Instructions for designing assessment tasks
5. Corrected type of Assessment Instrument

We anticipate the amended versions (ie Version 02) will be available for download from the SQA website within the next 2 weeks.

Please ensure that your centre has the most up-to-date version.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Digital Literacy

I had a discussion about this NPA with Caroline this morning, and she pointed out the range of materials available to support this small but important qualification. The materials are available on the Digital Literacy homepage.

We have recently bid for funding to develop e-assessments for this award and, if we're successful, the qualification will be fully supported for traditional and online delivery.

Contact Hilary for more information about Digital Literacy.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Arrangements Documents - Update

We are busy updating various HN/PDA Arrangements Documents for awards within the Computing portfolio. Most of the changes reflect additional optional units within each of the frameworks.

A selection of documents will be amended and uploaded on the website by 1st August 2009, therefore, any documents downloaded after this date will be the most up-to-date version.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

DIVA Lead Centres - Online Forum

We have created an online forum for all vendors (and associated vendor lead centres) who are part of the DIVA (Digital Media and ICT Vendor Alliance) partnership through SQA.

The focus will be to share information, keep up-to-date with all vendor curriculum changes, ensuring SQA DIVA website is current and also for members to offer advice and guidance to any vendor related queries that may arise through colleges delivering their programmes.

If you are a Vendor or Lead Centre then please get in touch with me direct and I shall send you an invitation to join the group.

For more information on DIVA, please click here.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Working with SQA

One of the advantages of this blog and the forums is that we can use these communication channels to let people know about current developments. It is one of SQA's strengths that, unlike most awarding bodies, we mostly use ordinary teachers and lecturers to develop the curriculum. But, sometimes, even these methods fail to find the people that we need to help us develop qualifications and assessments.

So I have created a "groupsite" for individuals who are interested in working with me and my team. The idea is that, as opportunities arise, I will put information about the project on this site and seek volunteers to come forward and assist with the work. I have used a service called Groupsite, which, unusually, is very strong on profiling and background information... which is ideal for the sort of task I want to use it for.

So, if you want to be sure to know about opportunities to develop awards and support materials, please join this group. It's a simple process to sign-up and once you do you will be sure to know what is going on in SQA and how you can get involved.

We'll continue to use the usual channels to identify people to work with us, but this service will ensure that you don't miss any opportunities.

Friday, 3 July 2009

BECTA - Development Opportunity

We have been approached by BECTA to develop Units for input to the QCF system so that these Units can be offered in England/Wales etc. The Units are based around the BECTA Framework for ICT Technical Support (FITS) programme.

BECTA have created a suite of training materials to support the training of School IT Technicians and IT System Managers. The suite of materials are based on the ITIL model but is a lighter version for school audience. It is envisaged that writers will develop the Units and also create the assessment strategy. Happy to also provide more information in relation to background to the development etc for those interested in taking this forward.

This is a funded opportunity through BECTA who are keen to get small QDT (ie two writers) on board and start this process ASAP. The deadline date for the award (ie 2 units) to be on the system is 1st October 2009.

If interested, please get in touch with me and I can provide more information.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Basic ICT skills training

A new government report calls for basic computing skills training to be provided to all adults in England. More.