Thursday, 4 June 2009

HND Computer Games Development consultation event

We held the Computer Games consultation event in Glasgow today. We had planned to run a similar event in Dundee on Monday but we cancelled it due to lack of interest. And the turn-out today wasn't great (eight people attended but three of these were members of the QDT). I'm not sure why there has been so little interest in these events. Perhaps it's the time of year; perhaps it's just that there is not a great deal of interest in this area; or perhaps it's "development fatigue" since there have been so many developments in this area over the last couple of years.

Tony Gurney, the lead developer, discussed the proposed arrangements and gave attendees the opportunity to comment on how the developments are going. There were lively discussions on the role of mathematics, the need for lower level games-based courses, and the skills required from graduates from these awards.

So, in spite of the low attendance, it was a good event and it achieved its goal -- of giving Tony feedback on the general direction of the development to allow him to firm up his ideas and get on with producing the qualifications.

Contact Tony if you want to find out more about this development or use the comment facility on this blog to provide feedback.


  1. I certainly think Games Development is something we need to pursue further - Scotland was a world leader, but is losing its foothold somewhat. I think you're right that the timing of the event wasn't good, as many of us are at 'panic stage' with courses finishing up for the Summer. I would've been there if I could have afforded to leave my classes for a day. Good to hear there is support for lower level courses, considering recent developments with the NPA.

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