Tuesday, 2 June 2009

HN Graded Unit: Projects

Some time ago, SQA published guidance on the assessment of project-based Graded Units. The main change was that each stage in the project (design, implementation and evaluation) should be separately marked, and each student must pass each stage (rather than a single overall pass mark for the entire unit). The existing computing GUs take this holisitic approach and, therefore, require to be changed. These are the project-based Graded Units for the following awards:
  1. HND Comuting: Software Development
  2. HND Computing: Technical Support
  3. HND IT
So Caroline and me met with David Drennan (Senior EV) and Deryck Nutley (Cardonald College) to discuss how to take this forward. We agreed to take the opportunity to claify the unit specifications while we were revising them. Once we produce revised unit specs, we will also write new assessment exemplars to reflect the revised units.

The new units and assessments will take some time to produce but I'm hoping that they will be avaialble to centres by the end of the year. In the meantime, the existing Graded Units and exemplars are fine to use.

Contact Caroline for more information about this project.

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