Tuesday, 5 May 2009

HND Interactive Media - Update

Some of you have been in touch regarding to the new HND Interactive Media award - I though I'd give a brief update on where we are at with having the award coded and available to centres.

The award conditions were lifted approximately 2 weeks ago and we've been busy having new units finalised, new codes allocated to many of the units, arrangements document house-styled and all unit and group award codes added to the documentation.

This is currently with our in-house wordprocessing team and as soon as this is received (ie end of this week) we shall undertake a final proof and upload to the website.

The following new HN Units have been uploaded to the website by our web team:

F6BM 35 Web Server Platform
F6BN 35 Developing Rich Internet Applications
F6BV 35 Human Computer Interface
F6BW 35 Interactive Media Composition
F6BX 35 Narrative and Genre in Computer Games
F6BY 35 Professional and Legal Use for Interactive Media Developers
F6C1 35 Self Describing Data (XML)
F6C2 35 Web Development: Dynamically Generated Content
F6C4 35 Web Development: Producing a Data Driven Website
F6C5 35 Web Development: Web Optimisation

The following Units should be avaiable for download by the end of the week:

F6BS 35 Digital Imaging: Advanced Bitmap Techniques
F6BT 35 Digital Imaging: Advanced Vector Techniques
F6JJ 34 Building an e-Business
F6JC 35 Sound and Vision for Interactivity
F6JB 34 Digital Portfolio

As soon as the remaining two units have been coded (ie HND Interactive Media: Graded Unit 2 & Designing and Developing an Interactive Product) I shall inform you of the new code for download.

If you have any questions relating to this new award then please get in touch with me direct ( and I shall be only too happy to help.


  1. We were told there would be 3D Animation (3D Studio Max or similar) but I haven't seen it in the list. Is there a reason why or is it part of the Units listed?

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  3. Yes the HN Unit 3D Modelling and Animation (DE2N 35) is included within the optional units section