Saturday, 30 May 2009

HN Computing review meeting

I've mentioned previously what SQA planned to do to help with the performance indicator problem in this subject area.

A sub-group of the QST for HN Computing, along with some other volunteers, met this morning to identify specific assessment exemplars that are currently causing delivery issues and that we could improve.

We identified four examplars that we plan to rewrite:
  1. Computer Operating Systems 1
  2. Computer Architecture 1
  3. Computing: Planning
  4. Software Development: Array Data Structures
Each pack was assigned a couple of writers who will produce alternative assessment exemplars that, we hope, will be less demanding (in terms of time and pass marks). The Senior Verifier was on-hand to ensure that national standards were maintained.

We also looked at ways of integrating assessments and one concrete action was to produce a new exemplar that combines the assessment of IT: Applications Software 1 and Working Within a Project Team.

So, all in all, we will produce five new assessment exemplars to provide alternatives to the existing packs and that may lighten the assessment load on student and teachers.

It takes time to get new packs into the hands of teachers but I hope that these new improved versions will be available to centres by the autumn.

Contact Caroline for more information about HN assessment exemplars or other support materials for HN subjects.

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  1. A lot of useful information in those links, thanks. I feel that it might even be too much for me to “digest” in just one week.