Friday, 20 March 2009

Qualifications Support Team for HN awards

The QST for HN awards met this afternoon. This committee advises me about how courses are actually being implemented and suggest changes that could be be made to improve things.

Today's meeting was very busy, with almost 20 forms received from centres with suggestions for changes, clarifications or simplifications. Most of the suggestions were accepted and you will see some changed units or improved assessments as a result.

The QST is going to play a major role in addressing the previously mentioned problems with performance indicators in this area. A subset of the QST is going to look at all of the component units in the HN awards in the Computing/IT/Multimedia areas to see how we can simply and thin-down the assessment load. I'll say more about this in a future post, once my ideas about how to take this forward are clearer... but I'll be looking for volunteers so please contact Caroline if you want to be involved.

I'm always looking for people to work on committees like the QST, so please contact Shirley if you want to know more about serving on this team - or any other SQA comittee.

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