Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Post-validation meeting for HND Interactive Media

I met with Mark McPhee last night (Mark is the lead developer for the HND Interactive Media award). It was an online meeting, using Skype.

We went over the conditions and recommendations imposed by the validation panel, and we agreed who was going to do what to ensure that the conditions were addressed.

Most of the conditions can be quickly dealt with (such as clarifying the access statement) but one or two will take a little longer (such as revising the Graded Unit). But we're confident that we can carry out all of the necessary work by the end of this month.

I've had a couple of enquiries about the units within the award, to ask if they are finalised and can be released to centres to help you prepare for next year. We're almost there and I expect the units to be finalised by the end of the month too.

Contact Caroline if you have any queries about this development.

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  1. From the draft list of units issued at the recent meeting in Jury's hotel, I notice that there are two database units in the options list - A6AH34 - 'Data Anlysis and database design' (an old unit) and a brand new unit - F1VY34 - 'Manage Database Systems using SQL' which was specifically created for this new course. Can someone explain why two similar units are in the same framework - especially one which is very old alongside a new one which was specialy designed for the new course and for which SQA paid development fees for both a descriptor and an exemplar assessment? Was this a waste of time and money?