Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Computing for Change Steering Group

Regular readers will be aware of the concerns about low performance indicators for HN Computing (and related subjects) since it has been mentioned many times on this blog.

Recently, Scotland's Colleges contacted every centre to ask if anyone wanted to serve on a Steering Group to look at the issues surrounding the relatively low recruitment, retention and success rates. As a result, the first meeting of a new Steering Group was held yesterday afternoon at Stow College.

It was a good meeting with a great deal of concensus about the likely reasons: the curriculum (including SQA units with too much content and assessment), teaching and learning, lack of CPD for Computing lecturers, and an image problem with the subject area. Although these are not easy problems to solve, at least it's good to identify them.

Most of the time was spent discussing the Group's remit but we agreed to make Ron Dillin the convenor of the committee. The Group will do more than talk about the problems - we hope to take action as well as come up with an action plan.

Contact Ron or Gerry for more information about the Group.

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