Wednesday, 21 January 2009

NPA validation event

Three more NPAs were validated on Monday... or, rather, we held a validation event on Monday because the result of the meeting was a large number of conditions that we must meet before the awards will be validated.

Although we were a little disappointed at the outcome, the Panel was very thorough and the awards will be much better as a result. But we have got a lot of thinking to do about precisely what NPAs we should develop. I had planned to produce 19 awards (including the seven we have already validated) but the Panel asked us to think again and ensure that each award is worthwhile in its own right and does not overlap with any other award. We were also asked to carry out research to ensure that there is demand for each qualification.

The end result, I'm sure, will be better, more popular awards but it does mean that the full suite of awards (however many that will be) will not be available to centres until August 2009. I'll let you know our precise plans once we've worked them out.

Please contact Shirley for more information about NPAs.


  1. This is disappointing news. I was really hoping this would happen quickly as I have been holding off deciding which NPA I will be teaching next year.

    From the choice of seven, I think Digital Literacy will bee too low level, and Web Design will be too high level for my S3-4 pupils. I think I will go for the Internet Technology NPAs.

    The NPAs that are planned look great (based on the titles, anyway!) I really want Animation, digital Gaming, Still Images, Audio and Video at level 4/5. Level 6 NPAs in these would be good in a couple of years.

    If you need volunteers to prove there is demand, I'm happy to help!
    I'm planning on doing 6 Digital Media units over two years of S3-4 including an NPA as the course award. Hopefully pupils will then want to stay on in S5 and do 4 more units in Computing time, plus the numeracy and literacy through the English and Maths departments. that's the plan anyway :-)

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for the feedback... and I was disappointed at the outcome of the validation event too but I think it's for the best (that we rethink the number of range of awards that we are proposing). We will know exactly what awards we will develop in the very near future so watch this space.