Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year resolutions and a new paper

The team returned from holiday today - and held the first of our monthly team meetings for 2009. I took the opportunity at that meeting to discuss how we can improve the service to the sector and one of the ways we identified was to increase the use we make of the blog, so that readers have a clear idea about what the team is doing and, more importantly, what is happening in the sector. So that's our New Year resolution for 2009.

There are costs to running a blog (the main one being the time involved in contributing to it) but I think that it is worth the effort, given the positive comments that I get from people who read it. I appreciate the effort my team make to contribute to the blog - it's not mandatory and I know it can be a pain to take the time to post a message - but it provides a unique communication channel between the team and practitioners. It would be great if readers made more comments on the blog since this provides valuable feedback to the team.

I took the opportunity over the holiday to finalise a paper I had been writing about online collaborative assessment. It's now available on Scribd. It might be worth a read if you assess student's using blogs or wikis or other collaborative tools.
Online Collaborative Assessment

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