Friday, 19 September 2008

Changes to the Computing team

I've alluded to imminent changes to the Computing team in a number of recent posts and today I met with my team to discuss the changes that are going to take place.

SQA has been planning an internal restructure for a long time and the plans for these changes have now been finalised and will be implemented from 1 October.

The changes do not greatly effect the Computing team, in the sense that the team will continue with its current portfolio of qualifications. But its composition is changing. In particular, I'm losing Angela who is going to a new team dealing with "essential skills". It's a great opportunity for Angela and a great loss to Computing, since Angela (in one capacity or another) has been supporting Computing qualifications for the last four years. She will be sorely missed.

But I'm gaining someone who many of you will know very well. Shirley Sampson is returning the fold! Shirley has been doing a number of jobs within SQA during the last few years but she is now coming back as QO from 1 October. I'm delighted to have her knowledge, experience and wisdom back on the team. And there's a new face. Jacqueline Cambpell is going to join the team. Jacqui was previously involved in the Sport for Life project.

Although I'm losing one person (Angela) and gaining two (Shirley and Jacqueline), in fact the size of the team is falling since Angela was full-time and both Shirley and Jacqui are part-time. So, it will be a challenge to maintain the level of service. The continued presence of Caroline (QO) provides some continuity.

The Computing team will be part of a new qualification area called "Business & Industry", led by Gordon Rodgers. I'm looking forward to working for Gordon who has been very helpful and supportive to me.

I'm sure that the changes will be good for the subject area once the dust settles and everyone knows what they are doing. I'll post an updated organisation chart, showing precisely who is doing what, as soon as I have put one together.

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