Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Extension to PC Passport

As many of you will know, the original PC Passport suite of awards was refreshed during 2006/7 and the revised awards came on-stream in August last year.

We had planned to let the original qualifications run out ("lapse" in SQA-ese) in July 2008 - which would mean that we would not accept any new entries after this date. But I've had several e-mails and other communications from centres that want to continue to run with the original awards and, after some internal consultation, we intend to extend the lapsing date to July 2009.

So this means that you can continue to enrol students onto the original awards for another year. But this is really a safety net for those centres who were unaware of the changes since the new awards offer many advantages over the original ones (such as improved assessments).

I'll be writing to centres in the near future to let them know formally. In the meantime, contact Caroline for more information about the old or new PC Passport awards.

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