Monday, 21 April 2008

Graded Unit (Project) EV training

I attended a training event on Saturday along with the Computing External Verifier (EV) team. It covered new guidance on the Graded Unit that was recently sent to centres (I would link to the PDF but I can't find it on the SQA website - in spite of our "new, site wide search facility").

It was an interesting event that gave us the opportunity to discuss standards relating to Project-based Graded Units - of which there are many in my portfolio.

I would be interested to know how satisfied you are with the Project-based GUs and if you would like any additional guidance from SQA (please use the comment facility).


  1. There are detail issues with most of the computing graded units - In particular the seeming fascination with paperwork at the expense of the "actually doing it" parts - surely the HNC/D is a practical product. One emerging area of difficulty is the "evaluation" section - check your Bloom's taxonomy to SQCF mapping and see if "evaluate" is anywhere near level 7 or 8 ... ( and if "evaluate" is not what is meant, then why is it there ? )

  2. Hi. Thanks for your feedback. We have a form that we use for comments so please contact Caroline if you want a copy. Happy to try to fix anything that you think is not working.

    I'm surprised at your comments about evaluation not "anywhere near level 7 or 8" since any of Bloom's levels can be applied to any SCQF level. For example, you carry out (critical!) evaluation when you cross the road... which is not a high level task. So, although each level of Bloom's can be applied to each level of SCQF, a high level Bloom competence does not mandate a high level in SCQF.

  3. OK, leaving out the synthesis/evaluation discussion, evaluation is at or near the pinnacle of the intellect set. Perhaps we use the word evaluation differently, but I take it to mean "critical thinking" and "abstract reasoning". I do not see how the near autonomous vector calculation in the human cognitive system can in any way be seen as a conscious application of abstract reasoning - even if it is life critical. By implication your model has Bloom's taxonomy in some sense orthogonal to the SQCF rather than aligned. I suspect that most level 7 students cannot spell "evaluate" let alone perform it without significant amounts of telling them the answer.