Monday, 31 March 2008

Children and new technology report

As you probably noticed via TV/radio last week, the Byron Review of children's use of new technology was published last Thursday. You can download the full report here [PDF].

It makes interesting reading. You don't have to read it all - the Executive Summary [PDF] contains the key recommendations. It seems to me to strike a good balance between seeking to protect children without scare-mongering. All of the recommendations sound sensible.

A recurring theme is the need to educate young people and adults in the correct (safe) way to use the Internet. My only disappointment with the report was that it made no mention whatsoever of SQA's Internet Safety qualification, which remains the UK's (and, probably, the EU's) only national qualification in this area.

But given the focus on formal education, the Internet Safety unit is well placed to address many of the report's findings. It will hopefully stimulate demand for this qualification and might result in healthy evening class numbers in most colleges.

Please contact Caroline if you want more information on the Internet Safety qualification.

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