Monday, 17 December 2007

HND Internative Media blog is now available

Some time ago, I mentioned that I would create a blog to record the development of the new HND Interactive Media qualification. The blog is now available.

Please visit the blog and bookmark the URL so that you can visit from time to time and keep up-to-date with developments. Although I will occasionally write to centres, the blog provides a great way of finding out (and contributing to) what's going on since SQA staff and the development team (once selected) will contribute.

I plan to use a new method of developing qualifications during this project - "collaborative qualification development" - which is a fancy way of saying that I hope to involve lots of people during the development process through the use of blogs, wikis, surveys and other web services.

Look out for more information (on the new blog) in early 2008. Our first task will be to recruit a development team. In the meantime, contact Angela if you have any queries.

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