Monday, 13 August 2007

HNC Interactive Media update

Angela and I met with the convener of the validation panel and a representative of the Qualification Design Team to lift the conditions that were set at the validation event for this award in June. The meeting went well and all of the conditions and recommendations were lifted, meaning that this award is now validated.

The one outstanding issue relates to the Graded Unit (GU). The GU will be an examination and we had an interesting discussion around pass marks, format, duration and cognitive demands. We agreed a number of changes that, I think, will help candidates (for example, there will not be separate pass marks for each section in the paper).

I appreciate that some centres plan to introduce this award this coming session and we will prioritise the task of "operationalising" the qualification i.e. making it available to centres. I expect it to be finalised by the end of this week. In the meantime, contact Angela if you want a copy of the VPD or draft versions of the unit specifications.

There is a dedicated online group to support centres that offer this award. Please visit the group's homepage and join the group if you want to keep up to date with developments.

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