Thursday, 31 May 2007

Production of e-learning Materials (Phase 3 and 4)

Other e-learning materials are being built up on the following website -
If you visit this website then items B - G are complete and H - O are either complete or nearing completion (3 still to complete). This e-mail identifies the developments within Phase 3 and Phase 4 of this project. This project will be showcased at the event being held at Hampden Park on the 22nd of June.
The next phase(s) of this project are just starting .....

Phase 4
We have been successful in getting the financial backing for the development of e-learning materials for the proposed HNC Interactive Media through an ESF bid. This HNC Interactive Media award is "hot off the press", in fact, it isn't there yet as validation is due for the 8th of June! The e-learning items that we will be developing materials for are -

1 Interactive Media: Planning (new unit)
2 Interactive Media: Authoring (new unit)
3 User Interface Design (new unit)
4 Digital Media Creation (new unit)
5 Client Side Scripting for Web Development (new unit)
6 Managing Database Systems using SQL (new unit)
7 Internet: Web Development Standards and Legislation (new unit)
8 Project Management for IT (new unit)

We would expect materials for Phase 4 to be available by October /November 07.

Phase 3
There will be an e-learning pack produced for the following items under this phase -

1 DH3D 35 Software Development: Relational Database Systems
2 DM32 35 Software Development: Linked Data Structures
3 DM31 35 Software Development: Array Data Structures
4 DH3H 35 Systems Development: Structured Design Methods
5 DH39 34 Internet: Introducing e-commerce
6 DX43 35 IT: Legislation and Codes of Practice
7 DV6J 35 Internet: Web Technology and Security

We would expect materials for Phase 3 to be available by March 08.

Additional Item
We have also commissioned the development of an e-learning pack (as someone volunteered!) for the unit DW7J 11 Social Software within the National Certificate in Digital Media Computing and we expect this pack to be available in August/September 07.

Mike Jannetta
Qualifications Manager

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