Thursday, 31 May 2007

Following on from the last posting

Following on from the recent e-mail, re the development of e-learning materials.

I would like to advise the field that there are developments just being started, through ESF funding, to produce e-assessment materials covering a number of additional units within the HNC Information Technology and the new proposed HNC Interactive Media (being presented for validation on the 8th of June).

At the moment, it is planned that this development will produce e-assessment materials in the following areas and should start appearing in the SOLAR assessment engine from August onwards with our planned completion date of November or December 07 -

HN Information Technology (27 assessments covering)

Outcome Unit Name

1 PC: First Line Support
1 IT: Legislation and Codes of Practice
1 Decision Support and Intelligent Systems
1 e-Commerce: Introduction
1 e-Commerce: Introduction
1 e-marketing
2 e-marketing
3 e-marketing

HN Interactive Media (90 assessments covering)

Outcome Unit Name

1 User Interface Design
1 Project Management for IT
1 Creating Digital Images
1 Bitmap Graphics: Advanced Techniques
1 Vector Graphics: Advanced Techniques
1 Web Development: Essential Content
1 Web Development: Complex Content
1 Web Development Standards and Legislation
1 Client Side Scripting for Web Applications
1 Managing Database Systems using SQL
1 2D Animation
1 Website Development: Foundations
1 Internet and Network Development: Foundations
4 Internet and Network Development: Foundations

If you wish any information on the SOLAR project then please visit the website ( where you can find out the assessments that are currently available for delivery through this assessment engine or contact Graeme Clark ( or Joan Morris ( directly.


Mike Jannetta
Qualifications Manager

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