Sunday, 1 April 2007

New Awards - NPAs Internet Technology (SCQF Levels 4 and 5)

These new NPAs (National Progression Awards) will be available to centres from the 1st of August and each award consists of 3 units which are -

NPA Internet Technology (SCQF Level 4)
PC Passport: Introduction to the Internet and On-line Communications
F0H5 10 Internet Safety
Information Literacy Skills

This award will cover -

NPA in Internet Technology (SCQF Level 4) (Outcomes)

· Identify key components, terms and issues associated with the use of on-line communications

· Locate information using basic Internet/intranet facilities

· Use e-mail and on-line forms to communicate electronically

· Plan an information task

· Identify a range of information sources and use them to investigate a chosen information task

· Evaluate the selected information

· Review search results and suggest possible improvements

· Identify threats that exist when using the Internet

· Describe safety precautions which should be taken when using the Internet

· Describe legal constraints which apply when using the Internet

· Take appropriate safety precautions and operate within relevant legal constraints when using the Internet

NPA Internet Technology (SCQF Level 5)
PC Passport: Internet and On-line Communications
DN81 11 Weblogs
DW7J 11 Social Software

This award will cover -

NPA in Internet Technology (SCQF Level 5) (Outcomes)

· Describe components, services and issues relating to the use of on-line communications

· Carry out searches for information using the Internet/intranet

· Send and receive e-mail using routine Internet/intranet facilities

· Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of variety of on-line communication methods

· Describe the development of social software and various types available

· Locate and review social software of various types

· Use social software to perform specific social tasks

· Locate and review blogs of various types

· Create a blog to perform a specific information task

· Track selected blogs

The NPAs will offer candidates a foundation into making safe and legal use of the Internet in carrying out the handling of information and research. These awards will also introduce a range of Internet tools to access, retrieve and exchange information from the Internet or an intranet locating and using social software that promote interaction and collaboration through to reviewing and creating a weblog.

Please contact Angela Lees ( if you require further information.

Mike Jannetta

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