Sunday, 1 April 2007

New Award - NPA Web Design Fundamentals (SCQF Level 5)

This new NPAs (National Progression Awards) will be available to centres from the 1st of August and each award consists of 3 units which are -

F181 11 Computing: Web Design Fundamentals
F180 11 Computing: Interactive Multimedia for Website Development
F182 11 Computing: Web Design and Development

This award will cover -

· Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the main technical and design considerations in designing a website.

· Produce and optimise graphics for the World Wide Web to a given brief.

· Create a web page for use on a web-server using basic HTML features to a given brief.

· Plan an animation for inclusion on a website.

· Create an animation and incorporate it in a website.

· Plan and design a digital narrative for inclusion on a website.

· Create a digital narrative for inclusion on a website.

· Test and evaluate a digital narrative.

· Produce a plan for the design and creation of a website to a client’s requirements.

· Design a website to a client’s requirements.

· Construct and upload a website which includes text and graphics.

· Test and evaluate a website.

The rationale behind this NPA Web Design Fundamentals is to address a demand for provision of an entry-level qualification in web design, especially one that may be gained through short-course provision. This award is supported by vendor materials.

Please contact Angela Lees ( if you require further information.

Mike Jannetta

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