Sunday, 30 July 2006

GU (Examination) Exemplars

Welcome back, we hope that you have all had a good relaxing break and looking forward to the new academic year. Here's some advanced information on what's happening with the development of the examination assessment exemplars for the 2006/7 academic year -

  • We will be removing all previous exemplars from the secure website and these should not be used in a centre after August 2006.
  • We have the following examination exemplars in production -
  1. 3 assessment exemplars covering HNC Computing
  2. 3 assessment exemplars covering HNC Information Technology
  3. 3 assessment exemplars covering HNC Interactive Multimedia Creation

At the 18th of August Showcase event, Gillian Leitch (Langside College) will be presenting research that we have been carrying out to e-enabling this facility. So if you managed to book a place at this event for the Solar/e-enabling session then she will be looking for volunteer centres to work with us to roll this out. You may want to consider the volunteering of your centre to undertake the assessment opportunity via an SQA electronic system prior to this event?

Mike Jannetta (0845 213 5473)

We have recently created a number of on-line learning materials as part of an ESF project covering a number of the mandatory units in the HNC Computing. We are interested in persuing this further and are looking to create additional on-line learning materials for the HNC Information Technology. This will be presented at the evnt on the 18th of August and your contact for this initiative and development is Caroline Douglas (e-mail) and her telephone number is 0845 213 5476.

We are also interested in looking at the use of Wikis to assist front-line assessors so is there any centre out there actually using this facility who would like to share this with the rest of the field?

Mike Jannetta
0845 213 5473

Saturday, 22 July 2006

Possible PDAs in Computing/IT

We have asked Syd Woods ( to carry out a new look at and research into possible new PDAs within the Computing and I.T. curriculum. We have a number of vendor PDAs available for delivery but we are interested in what other kinds of PDAs (ie bite-size learning courses) that could be created to assist part-time/evening provision in centres. We would be grateful if you could find the time to read over Syd's proposals which he has uploaded to the 'file section' of the HN Computing and IT Smartgroups and offer comments as to which of them you consider could be beneficial, and those which you don’t. His proposals will then be put forward to SQA management who will decide whether they should be taken forward and developed into actual awards. He would also be grateful if you could inform him of any award(s) that you feel could be beneficial that are not on his list. In line with his remit, we asked him to try to keep the duration of these awards to 3 units (not written in stone) for delivery at evening classes, although some are 4 units in length. He is aware that the Web Design unit belongs to the Art & Design curriculum group. Please feel free to offer suggestions on any length of PDA that you consider suitable directly to any of the Smartgroups or directly to Syd (

I am sure that you will apprciate that there are a number of initiatives in the 'development stage' and the output of this work will feed into the SQAs development planning for next finanacial year (ie from April). We will be hosting an update event, probably before the end of this calendar year, with the morning covering the current PDAs and the afternoon a workshop session covering proposed PDAs.

We look forward to your continuing support.

Mike Jannetta
0845 213 5473

HN Multimedia - Specifications Modified

We have updated a number of HN Unit Specifications within HN Multimedia Awards. At the Focus Group meetings held in June, we discussed the current Graded Units and the difficulties in defining the standard of the student deliverable(s) through these awards. I stated that we could modify these specifications and take them to the QST (Qualifications Support Team) for authorisation to replace the current versions. I immediately instigated this work and I have just uploaded these new versions in PDF format (they are currently out for vetting) to the HN Multimedia Smartgroup (in the folder New GU Specs). I am seeking any comments before they go forward for QST approval which means that these would be available next academic year.

Mike Jannetta
0845 213 5473

18th August - Showcase Event

The 18th of August Computing & IT Showcase Event is now full and we cannot accept any additional booking as we have reached our quota (re Health & Safety requirements) for the venue.

If this causes a problem for a centre, who haven't registered anyone, then please e-mail me ( and if there are any cancellations then we will try and get one representative from your centre in attendance. We have 120+ booked to attend!

Mike Jannetta
0845 213 5473

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

PDA Certificate in IT Service Management

Bringing ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) to the field has caused many to say 'What is ITIL?' and is a new item/area for many individuals. ITIL belongs to OGC (Office of Government Commerce) and details can be found at the following websites ( or It is the SQA's intention to present ITIL to the field with two presentation slots allocated at the event on the 18th of August (ie The Computing and IT Showcase Event).

Yes, we are still working through the holidays and this group have been beavering away to produce a PDA Certificate in IT Service Management which are based around these standards at foundation level. The contents of this proposed PDA have now been mapped and consists of the following 3 credits which are going for unit validation -

IT Infrastructure: Service Support (2 credits @ level 7)
IT Infrastructure: Service Delivery (1 credit @ level 8)

The VPD (Validation Proposal Document) and final items relating to the market research are underway with the validation event being planned for the Thursday the 21st of September. If you have any queries then please contact Caroline Douglas by e-mail ( or by telephone on 0845 213 5476, however, you will also gain additional information at the event on the 18th.

If you require information on the event on the 18th of August then contact Tony Hamilton by e-mail ( or telephone on 0845 213 5472.

Mike Jannetta
0845 213 5473