Wednesday, 31 May 2006

We had another very productive day a week past Saturday and a big 'thanks' must go out to the QDT members that were able to attend. I have uploaded the qualifications map to a number of Smartgroups (within the frameworks folder) and we hope that you like the content? If you have any feedback on this qualification map then please allow everyone to see your comments via the National Certficate Smartgroup!

You will see that there are themes working from left to right through the different levels of the award(s). We am now in a position to confirm that we have the budget necessary to work this development forward. We am now seeking writers to take on a complete theme from left to write which will involve writing between 1 to 6 specifications depending on these themes. We am now looking for volunteers (ie writers) and have set aside Saturday the 17th of June (In Optima Building, 58 Robertson Street, Glasgow) as a training day for those who are taking up this work. For those who volunteer, it is a must that you attend the training event (which you will be paid for as it is a Saturday). If you would like to be considered for some of these developments could you contact me directly on 0845 213 5473 or by e-mail ( (e-mail probably the best option).


Mike Jannetta

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