Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Update on the SQA DIVA Programme

Liz Wallis has requested that this communication be sent on to centres as feedback is required to assist moving this project forward. If you, or your centre, have feedback that can help then please contact Liz ( who will welcome your comments. You will find details within her original communication about the project which is listed below.

SQA DIVA Programme
Learning Provider Reference Group

1100-1400, Tuesday 21 March 2006
Jury’s Inn Hotel, Glasgow

Background on DIVA
The Digital media and ICT Vendor Alliance (DIVA) Programme is SQA’s initiative to update and expand its range of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and digital media qualifications working with global industry partners. The objectives of the project are to source and incorporate high-quality support materials from industry into SQA’s qualifications and to link those qualifications effectively to the world of work. The programme is also creating new professional development opportunities for teachers and lecturers to be able to offer the resulting industry-enriched curriculum and awards to students. For more information, visit:

The SQA is supported by independent consultants, Bob McGonigle, David Kay and Liz Wallis (Sero Consulting) in developing this programme.

The Reference Group
Following positive response to the potential of the DIVA programme (launched October 2005), SQA wishes to extend the number and range of ‘vendor’ partnerships in 2006. It is essential to do so by taking account of the needs and the experience of the Further Education providers across Scotland, especially in relation to NC and HN programmes.

SQA is therefore joining with SFEU in inviting all colleges to participate through a Reference Group that will meet at key points in the 2006 process. Other centres with relevant experience are also welcome to join the group.

First Meeting
The first meeting of the group will take place in Jury’s Inn, Glasgow, on Tuesday 21 March 2006 from 1100 to 1400. Lunch will be provided.

1 The Meeting Agenda will include
2 Brief Introduction to DIVA
3 Recommendations on 2006 Vendor Additions
4 Discussion & Feedback on Vendors & Associated Issues
(a) curriculum mapping
(b) staff training
(c) certifications
Agreement on next steps for the Reference Group

Please email if you wish to attend and a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your booking.

Your Early Input
Even if you cannot attend on 21 March, we’d be grateful for your input on the long list of ICT and digital media vendors for the next phase of the DIVA programme. (You can see the list of current DIVA partners by checking the website referenced above). Please email us for a copy of the long list to:

With thanks for your help.

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