Monday, 27 March 2006

NC Computing Developments - Stirling Management Centre Event

On Friday the 24th of March we held a very productive meeting in Stirling Management Centre to gain feedback from individuals representing centres to help shape the first steps of the NC Computing developments. The principles behind this meeting were

1 to explain the ‘design principles’ relating to the development of these awards

2 to gain feedback from the field from the seven workshops which each having a particular focus

The data/information gathered was in order that the QDT (Qualifications Design Team) can initially get a handle on the shape of this award. Walter Patterson ( is the lead consultant/developer on this initiative and will be collating a report which will be considered by the QDT before their recommendations are published. It's my intention as QM (Qualifications Manager) to keep the sector informed and call another meeting to discuss this feedback. There will be a vote on the nccomputing Smartgroup on a suitable date when the QDT will present their findings and carry out additional research to assist them in moving these developments forward.

The comments gathered by the individual QDT member at each workshop are being collated, at the moment, and will be available through the
nccomputing Smartgroup as soon as practical. If anyone has any issue that they want to raise they can do this via the Smartgroup or directly to Walter, myself ( or Angela Lees (

FYI - The other members of the QDT are:

Jim Spry (Central College of Commerce)
Joanna McGillivary (Edinburgh’s Telford)
Carol Davie (Cumbernauld College)
Tom Rodgers (Glasgow College of Nautical Studies)
Mary McGuinness (Motherwell College)
Douglas Liddle (Glasgow Metropolitan College)
Bob McGonigle (Microsoft)

Mike Jannetta

0141 242 2235

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