Friday, 21 October 2005

SVQ credit and levelling

I spent yesterday and today in the Jury's Inn Hotel in Glasgow. The Scottish Executive has provided funding to try to "credit rate" and "level" SVQs. Credit rating means assigning a duration to SVQs. SVQs were designed to accredit existing skills (in the workplace) so were never given a duration. Neither were they assigned a level on SCQF. So this project is an experiment to see if you can time and level SVQs.

A number of awarding bodies were involved and each invited a couple of External Verifiers to participate in the project. The purpose of these two days was to carry out training to ensure that the raters can go away from the meeting and consistently rate the SVQ units. We worked through several IT User units and before we left all of the units were assigned to EVs who are going to work in teams to rate and level the units.


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