Thursday, 7 July 2005

Safe Internet Use and Social Software units

The Web Log unit was the first in a series of new National Certificate units being produced by SQA to update our non-advanced portfolio of units. We're also working on a new unit on social software and another new unit on Internet safety.

The Internet safety unit is called Safe & Legal Use of the Internet and will be of interest to a wide range of people, ranging from school pupils to teachers who want to know more about this important aspect of online activity. There is a draft version available and I'm looking for feedback (please post a comment on this blog).

The other new unit is called Social Software and deals with the emerging area of group/community software. There is a unit outline available and, again, I'm looking for feedback (via this blog).

Blogging, social software and Internet safety may be particularly attractive to female students who appear to be losing interest in the more traditional aspects of computing/IT.

Contact Angela for more information about these developments.

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  1. comments on new 'Safe & Legal Use of the Internet' course:

    Re: Outcome 1
    Note on range for the outcome

    Threats to system performance and integrity: spam, viruses, spyware, hackers.
    ALSO Trojans, Adware, Rogue Diallers, Spam

    Threats to data security: viruses, spyware, hackers, phishing, identity theft.
    Threats to user safety: abusive behaviour, inappropriate behaviour, grooming.

    Re: Outcome 2:
    Note on range for the outcome

    Precautions for maintaining system performance and integrity: firewalls, anti-virus
    (not just anti-virus) Internet
    Security package covering threats (a) & (b) from Outcome 1

    software, spam filters.
    Precautions for maintaining data security: firewalls, anti-virus software, e-mail monitoring.

    (whilst system performance & data security are separate issues, the precautions end-up I feel in addressing the same issues. An IS software package, albeit different elements of that package, will provide the cover. If a combined package is not used, a spread of different software programs have to be collected to provide the cover for each of the various threats.

    Precautions for maintaining user safety: content filtering, proxy servers, monitoring and reporting user behaviour, withholding personal information.
    Awareness of the need for use of non-trivial username & passwords should also be taught